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Until 2009 I had spent the better part of my adult life without medical insurance, I was single parenting and my "ex" kept the kids insured and I had managed to stay healthy (I thought) up until then.

Then one day while I was "playing" with my dogs out in the yard I got this strange tightness in my chest. Honey drove me to the doctor and when I woke up several days later I had a 5 way bypass scar on my chest and discovered I had been enrolled into Medicare,

If I hadn't been a Medicare recipient, I would have left this planet that day without ever even realizing what had happened,


I'm so glad you're still here. Now if you'd just post more. :-)
Sadly, the GOP would show you the math, and prove how stupid it is that you are still here.

What I ould give,,,

for a chance to prove to the GOP how stupid it is that THEY are still here!

Re: What I ould give,,,

What I would give!!! (I still can't see)
You said it. . .sadly.
Yes, and those boobs in Washington would take it away if they can. Like you for most of my adult life I was uninsured, because I could not afford it. Now thanks to good old poverty I get all my excellent health care for free thanks to Medicare and Medicaid supplement. I am very happy that you were able to gt fixed up when you had your attack. That was not a very pleasant experience for you, and could have been made much worse had you been confronted with a pile of bills, or worse yet, been set aside because you could not pay.
It's good to see you posting. I have missed your thoughtful and excellent posts.

I suspect,,,

That this is true for a large percentage of women "boomers".
I am GLAD you are a Medicare recipient. That should be the basic floor and standard of care for EVERY citizen, regardless of age, period.

and yes, we CAN afford it. We can afford cockamamie wars on the planet for countries who never wanted us there, we can afford to take care of our own, in the most basic way.

Bless you, dear lady.
At 61, I still have no insurance. I've needed a knee replacement for over 10 years now, I need cataract surgery, oral surgery and hearing aides. I am in final stage COPD and can't afford to do anything about any of it.
At least in a few weeks, I will finally be 62 and ave some ss income coming in!

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