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Yes Virginia... it IS hot AND...

The weather guy keeps telling us that this day has yet again broken the record high temperature for Oklahoma set in 1936,

After a while that same year begins to ring bells in my brain.


Oklahoma was and is identified as "the Dust Bowl State" even though it had less acreage in the area designated by the Soil Conservation Service as the Dust Bowl than did the contiguous states of Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas.
The lore of the Dust Bowl still circulates around the Oklahoma image as fiercely as the dust storms that blew through its Panhandle

Damage from Dust Storm in Oklahoma, 1936: In the 1930s, agricultural damage, coupled with drought and windstorms, resulted in the severe damage and destruction across the Plains states that became known as the Dust Bowl. (Photo Credit: CORBIS)

Dust Bowl Refugees: Many, but not all, of the Dust Bowl refugees hailed from Oklahoma. As they flooded the West Coast in large numbers in search of jobs, they were given the disparaging nickname "Okies."

Photo Credit: Bettmann/CORBIS)


And the film "The Grapes of Wrath" came out in 1940 to tell that story so well.
One of my all time favorite movies - hated what those people lived through, but it was a fantastic movie!
Oh gosh I think of the dust bowl alot these days, too. There are so many freaky weather patterns going on the last few years and this heat wave/drought is no exception. I hope you are cool inside and breathing well with all the wind that blows across the plains and through you!


Heat, what is heat?

I am looking out on yet another day of continuous rain and it is in the low 60s.

We would happily take some of our heat back.

Think I had better organise the house for an inside garden party which is organised for the weekend.

Caroline xx

Re: Heat, what is heat?

If only... :)
hello, you don't answer my emails or anything are you okay
hi, i've been wondering how you have been. idon't see you anywhere. lots going on here, let me know how you are and i'll update you on my life. luv u.
Happy Easter!

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