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posted via daughter

Jubal is less than thrilled with her current situation but is alive, (if you ask me, she seems in surprisingly good spirits).  Vision issues have pretty much kept her from being able to get on line to read or type.

Cataract surgery never really took too well on one eye, and then Macular Degeneration caused complete blindness in her other eye. 

Anyone who has her phone number is welcome to call her but it's very unlikely she'll be showing up here again. 

Thanks to everyone for being a great support system and Jubal send hopes everyone is hanging in there okay.


Take care of yourself, that's the most important thing. Keep your spirits up. (Hugs)
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Linda!
I've wondered how things were going ~ sorry to hear that it is "not so well" re the vision.
Tell her I said hello...I miss her and I wish her well!
Thank you for letting us know. I have wondered -- and worried some -- how she was doing.

I am happy that she is in good spirits, but I know it cannot be easy. My heart goes out to her - and my prayers are with her. I wish for her only good things! Please give her this message...
sending lots of love. did you tell her that my brother in law, baratonejeff, died last month. tell her i love her and that my lily is due in 5 weeks and my daughter, jessica, just found out that shes pregnant. shes 32 and i have been waiting for years for this.
I've been reading these comments to her. She knows Jeff is gone, I had the impression you had called her. Was I mistaken?

So sorry for your (and the world's) loss, he was a real class act. Hope Charles and the "children" holding up okay

(oh, not Jubal don't forget, daughter posting comment here).

Edited at 2012-05-19 06:50 am (UTC)
i called her, but jeff was just very sick then. charles is doing well, comes over almost daily, we're all very close. your mama helped lots when my oldest daughter died and i had the twins and lily.
we all miss jeff so much. but glad that his suffering and being in the nursing home is over, he really hated it. are you with your mom?give her lots of love from me.
I wish her well and peace and love. There are adaptive technologies that could her back online should she ever want to try it!

Thanks for the message!
I've been wondering why she was not posting. I've been off too though. Wish her well. I also had cataract surgery last Nov 22 and to say the least it did not go well. I had a detached retina as a result. It got reattached and after a few months I got my sight back. It'll be a cold day in hell before I get the other eye operated on.
I was worried also. Although I am not on here much anymore, once in awhile Linda would cross post to Facebook or send me a joke to me to read via email. Tell her I said hello, and take care, get well soon. I have my mom here with me full time now and she is having so many issues with her eyes also. Unconrolled glaucoma and macular degeneration in one eye.
I hope she can get some help to be able to read again, the government should be able to supply her with a large screen for her computer and a large keyboard. Maybe braille classes and a braille keyboard. Anyway good luck, stay strong Linda. Judy

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